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Writing this book has been a very rewarding and different experience for me. Miss Linda C. Shaw has done a tremendous job on the audio portion of “The Arctic jungles Of Vietnam”. Miss Shaw tells the story like the real professional that she is. Miss C. Shaw put life in the way she tells it. She is a real storyteller. She makes me want to listen to it over and over.  


People that have heard her voice express their great opinion about her ability to bring life into this book. I am so happy to have Miss Linda C. Shaw work on this very important book.


 Miss Shaw has been very easy to work with, she listened to my concerns whenever I have any corrections and/or inputs. She gives me her suggestion about things that I don’t understand.  I am looking forward to working with Miss Shaw on my next book which should be in the very near future.                    

Charles U Smith

Author; The Arctic Jungles Of Vietnam

Working with Narrator, Linda C. Shaw has been so exciting. She made things so easy. She is so patient. Linda did such a wonderful job with the audio portion of my book. Her voice made the book come alive! Thank you so much.

Author & Evangelist Arthurine Cook

.Linda C. Shaw was very professional and is clearly very talented. She went to great lengths to ensure that my son's book sounded amazing and it was exactly what he wanted. Her wide vocal range and exquisite pacing literally breathed life into the characters in my son's book. Linda's voice was essential to not only making the text come alive, but also to make it meaningful. I would purchase any book narrated by Linda C. Shaw

Yasmeen Nasira for son

Author Caleb Holt

Linda and the CDP team did an exceptional job with the audio version of the book, “Commune with God through Prayers and Benedictions.” 9 out of 10 people who listened to the sample audio said that Linda's voice brought the book to life. Linda response to my question was timely and I will gladly recommend her and CDP to other future authors.

Author Elie Eweka 

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