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I’ve been blessed to know Linda for over 12 years having met her at New Beginnings Cathedral of Worship in Aurora, CO.  The first time I saw her minister “her” brand of spoken word, I was hooked.  Linda’s combination of words and music is incredible.  While the music catches your heart immediately, it is the speaking forth the WORD of God that reaches into your soul to produce what I have called her collective works, “Poetic Deliverance!” 


Undoubtedly Linda is a first-rate poet, so speaking under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, you go to another level.  The Word will rock your soul from the paralysis of sin, hurt, shame, and guilt and propel you into the light that is the promise of God’s Word.  It’s the experience of her melodious voice, wrapping around the rhythm in the music and the words, bringing you back to earth in an assurance that the journey results in your deliverance, rendered to you poetically! I’m excited to see the world receive this gift and be transported into “Poetic Deliverance!” 

                                               Elder Brenda Clark-Dandridge

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